sobota, 3 września 2016

About the project

The project is about pets.Children love animals and this project it is an oportunity to show that. We will learn about: how we can take care of them,sing songs,make stories, drawing and craft.Also we learn english words and we communicate with children from other country. Aims In this project children will: -learn about pets; -sing songs about pets; -make crafts and drawings ; -learn wors in english; -develop curiosity about world; -make and listen stories about pets; Work process In september: Each children will take a picture with his pet .We will create an album with all the pictures. Learn about pets and how we take care of them. Listen and make stories about pets.The stories made by children we put on document in twinspace. In october : Each class will make a video with a song in their nattive language or english,about pets. Making drawings and craft about pets.We take pictures on them and put them on twinspace Learn how we name our pets in english. In december: Invite a vet to tell the children about pets. Make a poster with all the information on this project:drawings,crafts,stories.Make picture on poster and put on twinspace. Expected results At the end of this project we make an album with pictures,a poster ,a book with sories about pets.We will comunicate on twinspace and we make a Wikia page.

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